Table of Contents

1. Getting Over God

personal religious experience
2. Mother/Nature

3. The Social Construction of the Feminine (1941-1963)

personal memoir
4. On Being a Post-Christian

5. The Facts of Fatherhood

6. Myth, Religion, and Human Evolutionary Biology

evolutionary psychology/religious symbols
7. An Exchange with Richard Dawkins

8. Letter on Gay Marriage

9. Born in a Manger, Giving Birth in a Barn

10. The Pope and I

11. Three Challenges to Christianity

12. Damsels in Distress, Murder Most Foul, and The Da Vinci Code

13. The Bridegroom of the Church and Other Malicious and Misleading Metaphors

14. Intelligent Design: On the Absurdity of the Premise

15. Homage to Lynn White

16. Symbols and Survival

17. Two Wrongheaded Cultural Assumptions

18. Man, Revisited

19. Terminal Priapism

20. The Survival Value of Religion

21. Delving Into the Mysteries of Human Consciousness

22. The Sacred Marriage: Analyzing the Symbology That Gave Birth to Christianity

23.  The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

24. Rape and Pillage: The Sacred Marriage and the Gospel of John, Take One

25. Taking Religion Seriously: Moral Minds and Mary Midgley

26. Liberals and Conservatives, In Brief

27. Just Say No To Transcendence

28. On Reason and Emotion

29.  Hope and the Natural Order of Things, Or Why I Jumped on the Post-Modern Bandwagon (which seems to have broken an axle, but which will be up and running again soon)

30.  The Perils of Transcendent Patriarachal Monotheism

31. The Abortion Debate

32. Human/Nature

33. Take That, Richard Dawkins!

34. Obamanation: Swanning Around in the Sea Called Womanhate

35. What Went Wrong?

36. Reflections on the 2008 Democratic Primary

37. Puerile Nation

38. “Monster”: A Case of Misdirected Outrage

39. Some Inconvenient and Uncomfortable Truths

40. Katha Pollitt on PUMAs

41. Angry Hillary Supporters

42. Are Women Human? Do We Want To Be?

43. Hockey Moms, Soccer Moms (WTF)

44. Shattering the Image

45. Shattering the Image, Part II

46. The Shattered Image, A Personal Journey

47. Toward a Woman-Friendly Feminism

48. Toward a Woman-Friendly Feminism, II

49. Feminism and the Domestic Sphere

50. This is a Test: Are You a Patriarch?