Obamanation: Swanning Around in the Sea Called Womanhate

As many have noted, with the glaring and shameful exceptions of Barack Obama and the DNC, the mainstream media and the blogosphere have been awash in a tidal wave of sexist vitriol directed at Hillary Clinton. As a result, I have had to narrow my viewing choices and internet surfing considerably – especially while dining. No more CNN or MiSogyNyBC. No more Huffington Post. I’ve even had to cancel my subscription to “The Nation.” Everywhere I went it was hate hate hate – all directed at possibly the best leader this country has to offer at a time when we really need her leadership. And there was plenty of hate left over to smear some of her supporters – e.g., us worthless old white women. While the spewing of Hillary Hate was going on, Obama, the presumptive beneficiary and shining one (or perhaps the flash in the pan) never said a word. He, who was going to run a different kind of campaign, had risen so far above it all, I’m sure he never knew it was going on. So, he remained silent and let the good times roll and the votes roll in. (So inspiring! What a leader!)

Ironically, he who promises “change we can believe in,” fits smoothly into one of the oldest and most powerful cultural narratives around: the narrative of St. George slaying the Dragon or Beowulf offing Grendel’s Mother – or Christ overcoming Death on the cross. Throughout the history of western civilization, we have looked to young shining male heroes to save the day – to exploit for human gain the chthonic powers of nature – often depicted in myth as “the great mother goddess” or Tiamat –and in fairy tales as a wicked witch. And, unfortunately for us, young man Obama’s metaphorical slaying of mature woman Hillary Clinton fits the pattern exactly. Three-thousand years ago this might have been characterized as change we could believe in , but today, it is the same old shit. And it is this same old patriarchal shit that has been getting us in deeper and deeper trouble – in the areas of degradation of the earth, ceaseless macho warmongering, and the deliberate creation and maintenance of an underclass, primarily populated by women and children.

The loving creation and maintenance of the underclass is direct result of sexism — a sexism so powerful, so deep, and so unconscious that most of us don’t even know it is there until someone like Hillary Clinton comes along and scares the pants off the good old boys, who then resort to all sexist hate all the time in their so-called “political coverage.” However, should anyone call attention to this sexism, these charges are met with ridicule, trivialization, or outright denial. But sexism is real and it is everywhere and it is not trivial. And combined with racism, it is even more deadly. If you have forgotten what sexism is, let me refresh your memory with a few examples:

Sexism is punishing young single uneducated mothers by refusing a helping hand, sentencing them and their children to lives of poverty and crime.

Sexism is creating an environment which promotes the physical abuse of women.

Sexism is wife and girlfriend battering.

Sexism is the trafficking in young women’s bodies; young women who have no better offers because we live in a society which punishes women for being women – and the poorer they are, the more extreme the punishment.

Sexism is men raping women.

Sexism is the serial murder of women – which we find so titillating on Larry King, or in the tabloid news or when it is dramatized on screen.

Sexism is the real murder of women for entertainment.

Sexism is keeping the wages of work traditionally associated with women so low that no one can live on them.

Sexism is making sure that the children of women get substandard education.

Sexism is the ridicule of women who do not measure up to some artificial standard of physical perfection.

Sexism is the creation of an environment which leads women to believe that to be valued in our society they must have boob jobs and face lifts.

Sexism is the organizing of the work day and work week to make it almost impossible for young mothers to both work and responsibly take care of their children.

Sexism is paying women less and men more for the same work.

Sexism is barring women from promotions because they are female.

Sexism is attacking Hillary Clinton because she is a woman seeking the presidency.

Sexism is a serious problem which is tearing our country apart from the bottom up and the top down.

Barack Obama doesn’t seem to see sexism; he seems to be unconscious of it. Barack Obama wrote a book called “Dreams of My Father” when it was his mother and grandmother who raised him. Barack Obama publicly condemned his white grandmother for racism in the face of the fact that she had raised a biracial grandson. And Barack Obama sat by and smiled beatifically as the media used every sexist ploy in the book to trash his opponent. As Tennessee Guerilla Women (http://guerillawomentn.blogspot.com) said, this is not “change you can believe in,” it is “change you can choke on.”

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