Terminal Priapism

Forget avian flu. We have a more immediate problem. The United States is experiencing an epidemic of priapism — both literally and figuratively. First and most importantly, we have a president whose hardness (compassionate claims to the contrary) is and has been demonstrated in his zealous execution of prisoners in Texas, in his enthusiasm to send his own countrymen and women to death in Iraq, in his careless killing of thousands of Iraqi innocents, and in his grotesque policies which have lead to the abuse of hundreds of innocent political prisoners. This murderous hardness of heart — or resolve, as it is euphemistically called — is putative evidence of the hardness of another organ whose ability to stand at attention is proof positive of strength and masculinity — qualities the president is at great pains to manifest in his physical stance and his rhetoric, most famously in the genital- hugging flight suit he so proudly wore when announcing the end of the war.

To underscore our nation’s phallic obsession, “His Erectness” is covered by cable news programs such as Hardball which are brought to you by such “male enhancement” drugs as Viagra and Cialis and Enzyte, drugs which offer up visions of 4-hour erections in prime time. With all this phallic hardness coming (or rather, not coming) at us from all directions, it is hard to escape the feeling that masculinity — and its proof — is a major issue in America today. The president’s focus on hardness (remember, he is resolute) and the nightly “in our face” pushing (thrusting) of male enhancement drugs represent such a ridiculous exaggeration of masculinity that it would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous — as dangerous and unhealthy — and unproductive — as a perpetual hard-on.

For, based on the ubiquity of the market-based nightly drum-beat of bloody militarism, fascistic patriotism, and a self-righteous, punitive, old-time religion, a large portion of the electorate gets its jollies from the demonstration of brute force and killing. The nightly news of torture and abuse in Iraq are the moral equivalent of national snuff movies. It appears that we — and our poster boy for a stiff dick — can never get enough of death and destruction. Will relief only come with the final nuclear orgasm? What a way to get your rock[et]s off!!!

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