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Katha Pollitt on PUMAs

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Today, Katha Pollitt was on C-SPAN’s Book TV, and a caller asked her why she and other MSM types responded to popular/populist movements they didn’t agree with by putting them down as somehow not legitimate (a paraphrase).  Although the caller (a man) did not mention PUMA, Pollitt responded by saying that it was a fact that movements like PUMA were not what they appeared to be, that PUMA was a Republican-sponsored movement and she cited the blog “Pandagon” as her source for that information.

It is a shame that Pollitt can go on Book TV and say things which many will believe because of who she is; after all Book TV was devoting a whole afternoon to her.  Why is it so hard for people like Pollitt to believe that real men and women who really are/were Democrats and are supporters of Hillary Clinton are so outraged that they might refuse to vote for Obama — and that refusing to vote for Obama has nothing to do with any Republican agenda?