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Intelligent Design: On the Absurdity of the Premise

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

In a desperate move to circumvent the doctrine of the separation of church and state and get creationism taught in public schools, Intelligent Design theorists are claiming a scientific proof for both the existence and nature of a Supernatural Intelligent Designer (SID) who bears a suspicious resemblance to the Christian God — i.e, a Heavenly Father (sun deity) made in the image of a transcendent human male. There hasn’t been such an uproar over evolution since the Scopes trial. And, the fervor of the religious right surrounding this debate is reminiscent of Catholicism’s rejection of heliocentrism 500 years ago. Let’s hope Richard Dawkins, one of the best evolutionary biologists of our day, doesn’t end up under house arrest like Gallileo.